quinta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2013

Anúncio de despedida da Kombi


There goes the Kombi (VW Bus)
Soon, in no concessionary near from you.

All car deserves an advertising of launching. But just an icon as the Kombi deserves also an ad of "dislaunching".
That's it, the last Kombi of the world will be factured in the end of this year. And, like all Kombi, it will leave without trip computer, without airbag. without ABS brakes, without touchscreen panel. But with the same style and charm from factory.
The car that did the difference in life of many people is retiring, but it will leave many memories. Tell us yours in the site vw.com.br/kombi.
Here comes, or better, there goes the Kombi. The least expected "dislaunching" of the world automobile industry.

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